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E-Inventory for Manufacturing

E-inventory monitor’s inventory levels and, using an automatic replenishment algorithm, determines ideal replacement sequences and orders. Factors such as minimum/maximum order quantities, lead times, vendor stock availability, transport costs, bulk purchase discounts, distribution/transport constraints and warehouse/storage capacity are modeled to ensure that forecasting and replenishment activity follows business requirements and constraints.

E-invetory system is specially designed for Manufacturing sectors. In the sense each and every manufactures can use this system for better management of their stock. Softwin serves custom solution as per customers demand.

Modules :
  • Basic Manufacturing : This is comprehensive building block for manufacturing system. Control inventory levels of new material, conduct physical inventory cycle counting and process production work orders.
  • Advanced Purchasing : Analyze material and automatically notify of the purchase order needed to replenish inventory.
  • Advanced Production : Predict most of every job and track the performance as manufacturing orders more than the shop.
  • Shop Floor Control : Currently predict the production costs based on estimated material, actual cost and purchased quality.
  • Serial/Lot Tracking : Track serial or lot numbers throughout the entire purchasing and production process.
  • Custom Reporting : A variety of reports are available. Reports can be printed and exported to excel, word and PDF.
  • Material Requirements Planning : Determine purchasing and production needs by analyzing current inventory, open orders and sales to spot impending shortages and respond by creating purchase and production orders.

Features :
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Accurate Planning
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Cost Cutting