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E-Campus Recruitment with Mobile App.

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We introduce an innovative product which minimizes the tress of TPO (Training & Placement Officer) of colleges as well as helpful for students of that college. Softwin understands the traditional method of campus recruitment process & problems there in. And after considering the whole process Softwin come up with “E-Campus For You”. Online Campus Recruitment is revolutionary campus recruitment portal designed to handle all the requirements of an efficient & easy recruitment information management.

Our main motto behind developing this portal is to initiate change in the existing recruitment system and take it to the next level which is definitely better in its usage and performance. The need to professionalize our recruitment practices in the light of our needs, this new system would provide the opportunity to automate and standardize, to a much greater extent. The need to look forward creatively to the expectations, technology (particularly portable technology such as mobile phones) will give to our candidate pool.

Our Objectives :
  1. To introduce a fit for purpose integrated recruitment management software that becomes part of the overall integrated solution.
  2. To further reduce the amount of time that staff, TPOs at all stages in the recruitment process, spend on administrative processes, and improve speed of process to improve candidate experience.
  3. To get faster information that can help students to stay update with android apps.

Problem Specification By Our R&D Team

Our special R&D teams have been involved in analyzing the entire recruitment system and all the processes that take place during the entire period of recruitment. The result of the overall analysis of recruitment procedure in any institutions/ colleges reveals several issues and problems during the period of recruitment which results in ambiguity of data. Some of the common issues that occur at various levels include improper maintenance of student details, up gradation of the latest information, track details of past visited companies etc.

E-Campus is a solution

The one entire solution for the above stated and other such arising problems that we have found is ‘E-campus 4 u’ portal. We assure you that the software is a good choice for all the arising problems. This software is user friendly, provided in built security for all kinds of information. The students are able to enter their own personal and educational details using this portal and can update them time-to-time whenever needed. They are able to get instant round-wise score during the recruitment procedure. Students and TPO’s will be having their own username and passwords. Student’s progress will be saved which will be further useful.

Here we would like to state that acting on the proposed solution will reap immediate benefits in your college/institution. The proposal is specific in the solution, so we suggest you to go for the software ‘E-Campus 4 u’, which itself are specific one that has been researched till date.

Following Modules are involved in this system :
  1. TPO Registration
  2. Student Registration
  3. Student Module (Personal, Academic, Gap, Certification, Experience)
  4. TPO Module
  5. Company Campus Scheduling Module
  6. Students Registration for Company Campus (With special request)
  7. Campus Round management Module
  8. Company Notifications
  9. Sms Dashboard Module
Facilities we have provided :
    For TPO
  1. Easy activation and provision of Log-in accounts for all the students under his stream.
  2. Criteria-wise student report
  3. Company-wise registered students
  4. Criteria-wise messaging system
  5. SMS gateway
  6. Data exporting facility
Android Apps

Student's Get faster information with Androis apps

    For Students
  1. Manage individual accounts
  2. Update details semester or exam-wise
  3. Get announcement details from their respective TPOs
  4. Placement details
  5. SMS facilities
  6. Mailing facility
  7. Record storage
  8. Create and upload resume