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PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click(PPC) providers in Belgaum Goa

What is PPC- Pay Per Click?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This means you will be charged, only if someone visits the website or specific page, by clicking on your advertisement. PPC Campaign is the best solution, to increase your business enquiries and sales immediately. You have the power to customize your campaign, and decide where your ad should be getting displayed. Thus you could set & concentrate your target area & capture the targeted customers.

Among of many available paid search advertising options or PPC Advertising platforms, Google Adwords, Yahoo Publisher, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and MSN Adcenter are the most popular and effective to start your PPC Ads and capture the targeted area and audience quickly.

PPC in Softwin IT Solutions

Softwin IT Solutions is a trusted Internet Marketing Company in India. We provide many Internet Marketing services like Search Engine Optimizing, Social Media Optimizing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Paid advertising such as PPC, Banner Advertising, etc.

What is the need of Pay Per Click (PPC) Services?

Getting effective results in a budget is the most important aim of any entrepreneur or business owners. And sometimes, for better and quicker results, you may require to run two or more Paid Advertisement Campaigns at the same time. Like PPC Ads on Google Adwords and Paid ads on Facebook, or MSN Adcenter. Managing your advertisement campaigns effectively, would require a good professional knowledge, expert skills & continuous monitoring on every aspect of the active campaign. This is very time consuming, and keep you busy most of the time doing such activities.

Softwin IT Solutions, being an expert Internet Marketing & PPC Service provider company, will provide a wide range of our professional services, which will ensure to run a successful & effective PPC Ad Campaign in a budget.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising services includes :
  1. Creating PPC Campaign & Account Setups
  2. Keyword Analysis and Bid Management
  3. Landing Page Optimization for your Pay Per Click Advertisement
  4. Geographical & Timely Management your PPC Ads
  5. Managing your pay per click bidding strategy and overall budget (daily / monthly)
  6. Closely monitoring on your PPC ads, campaign, bidding & performance
  7. Regular tracking of performance and improvement of campaign
Package Standard Premium Corporate Custom
Total Man Hours 20 per month 35 per month 60 per month As Needed
Account Setup Tick Tick Tick Tick
Conversion Code Setup Tick Tick Tick Tick
Keyword Research 1000 keywords 5000 keywords Unlimited Unlimited
Bid Management Auto Manual Manual Manual
Click Fraud IP Detection Close Icon Tick Tick Tick
Competitive Analysis Tick Tick Tick Tick
Attractive Ad - Copy Tick Tick Tick Tick
A - B Testing Tick Tick Tick Tick
Weekly Report Tick Tick Tick Tick
Monthly Report Tick Tick Tick Tick
Email Support Tick Tick Tick Tick
Log File Analysis Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
ROI Calculations Tick Tick Tick Tick
Campaign Tweaking Tick Tick Tick Tick
Conversion Tracking Tick Tick Tick Tick
Chat Support Close Icon Tick Tick Tick

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